Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Dangers of BWI

Bullhorning while impaired. It's not a widely known issue but it can be a very dangerous thing. Take our friend Roland. Out on a pub crawl with his brand new hoodie... and a bullhorn. He wouldn't listen to his brothers and just leave the blasted thing at home. He thought he knew better.
The cops found him out in the dead of a winter's night in a thin pair of shorts and undershirt ranting downtown. He tested positive for high levels of nectar and was thrown into the tank.
There was an outcry in the community to save this young man from himself. Even Grimmie turned up in a desperate attempt to put young Roland on the right path. A little extreme, some said, but it if worked....
Roland's brush with death did nothing to turn him around. He was spotted in the local pub with his sexy hoodie and drink in hand two weeks later. He swore up and down he didn't have his bullhorn - he'd left it at home, he said. He was okay, he said.
And that's where he went a few hours later; after stopping off at that seedy little wig shop down the road. For three hours he ranted and raved like a madman. His brothers called for help.
Unfortunately, the cops didn't get there fast enough.

Remember, drinking and bullhorning (and driving) is dangerous. It can even kill you. Stay safe.

This has been a weird public information film.

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