Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Young Dr. Ficus

 Remembering his grandfather Andrew's glorious medical career Ethan found a decent med school and got to work. During his third year Ethan found himself a very frustrating case. Mr. Boneapart came to see him with several strange symptoms that eluded diagnosis. It did not help that he refused to take his prescription. Ethan was very patient at first.
 But as summer turned into fall he found himself becoming more and more short-tempered with his challenging patient. Still, Boneapart kept coming back to see him. There were times Ethan had to remind him that he was just a student and that he was better off seeing a real doctor.
 One night while Ethan was brushing his teeth in the dorm bathroom Boneapart came for a visit. "Look, if you'd just use your eyes you'd see I'm in my shorts and getting ready for bed." Ethan grumbled. "Oh... wait. Nevermind."
Then one day Boneapart came over for a farewell visit. He seemed much improved, which pleased and confused Ethan at the same time. It turned out that Boneapart had been suffering from mineral and vitamin deficiency. Now that he was on a calcium-rich diet he was doing much better. Ethan was relieved and promised himself he'd wait until he got his degree before getting another patient.

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