Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Agony of Being Chris

 A year after Chris' triumph over the dastardly Mr. Tub, he moved his family to a new home. He worked out by night and worked hard by day. That's when the gnomes began to visit. Chris caught one in the bathroom and that's when his suspicions began to grow.
 Then, late one night, Chris woke up to find himself immersed in deep water. He could hear the vile stuff lapping in his ears - the battle-cry of the Tub-people! He had to escape! It was only through the most desperate exertion that he escaped.
 For nearly a week Chris lived in seclusion; hiding from the sun, from friends, and especially from the shower. During his frantic escape from the pool he'd raced past a shower and he was sure it had mocked him. Driven to despair, Kath sought for something to distract her.
 Recognizing that he had a traitor in his midst, Chris got to work breaking the vile shower's spirit. Anything to get it to reveal even one hint of what the Tub-people had planned for him.
Kath recognized she was dealing with another obsession and quickly put a stop to Chris' plans to dismantle the shower. The Tub-people never again tried to attack him but for the rest of his days Chris stepped into the shower stall with nothing but the greatest dread.

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