Friday, August 12, 2011

Lazy Friday Morning

The rest of the day won't be as lazy, that's for sure. Big anniversary to-do happening tomorrow, and Mom's on the decorating crew. She'll be heading out this evening (possibly) to lend a hand. My sister and I had a plan to entertain the crowd on Saturday, but that plan may get derailed due to an impending cold. I really don't want to go up there alone and perform, so we might not do our song-and-dance. C'est la vie. Meanwhile, I've been getting into matters Satanic with books like 'The Chatto book of the Devil' and 'Satan'. It's important to explore the darker nature once in a while, without acting upon one's darker nature, and Satan is the ultimate Other. As John Wing once said, "And God said let there be Satan so people don't blame everything on Me." Of course, he also said "And God said let there be lawyers so people don't blame everything on Satan." Even the Devil needs help sometimes.
I guess I shouldn't say lazy. More like relaxed. The awesomeness of Ravi Shankar helps to keep things nice and relaxed. I was going to play Sims this morning, but I do have some reading I could be doing. It's not all about the game, you know. Considering how close the school year is now, reading might be a better option for me. I can do my gaming on the weekends like I do when I'm working. Two weeks to go before the school year starts. I guess I'm ready (I'll let you know in a week). I had thought about posting a diary entry from the past, but that can wait for a future entry.
Perhaps I'll post my thoughts from 9/11 this September. Amazing how fast 10 years can pass. There was a time when a decade took forever to pass. Now all it takes is a blink and I'm 10 years older. And things speed up even more the older you get. Okay, enough brooding. There are books out there that need to be read and enjoyed. Time to get further into 'Satan' and his 'history' as it were. Question: if you had a chance to sell your soul, what would your price be? Just remember to read the fine print, because with the Devil, all sales are final. Of course, if you know what to expect going into such an agreement, then winding up a guest in Hell's deadly suburbs shouldn't be a surprise to you.

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