Friday, August 5, 2011

End's in sight!

July was a sizzler in Winnipeg this year (a refreshing change from our decade of cold summers) and August looks pretty similar. Apparently this July was the driest one on record, which was a godsend for those surrounded on all sides by sandbags. I don't know how much the dry month helped, but more rain would have ended it for many of those folks. On the other hand, the farmers, who were drowning in May and June, are now crying for rain so their surviving crops might pull through. They walk a tightrope, those farmers, and what happens with them makes a ripple effect in the produce department. Especially if you want to go local with your fruits and veggies. Going local is the big thing, and let's be honest, it makes sense. Anyway, July is behind us and September, that horrid beast, is closing in. Anyone in the school system (students or staff) has begun counting the days until it's Back to School! You can still have fun, but now you feel rushed to get as much fun in as possible.
As for me, I'll need a couple more weeks before I'm ready to switch to my 'work brain'. Right now, my brain keeps thinking it's Saturday, when I know darn well it's Friday. Why my brain wants to think a day ahead I do not know. In the meantime, I've been reading 'A vision' by W.B. Yeats. Through the miracle of 'automatic writing', he has discovered another way to divide people up into varied and dynamic groups. Much like the Enneagram or stuff like that. The only reason I was interested in Yeats was because Loreena McKennitt sang one of his poems. As usual, she did a magnificent job, which got me interested in Yeats and his work. I guess I was looking for more poems and have come up empty for the nonce. I'll just keep looking. After I have finished with this book I'll be looking into Carlos Castaneda. Groovy, man.
August is birthday time for my sister and her boyfriend, so it's time to go gift-hunting! In my own life, I've discovered the wild world of streaming live video. So far I've only commented on other people's streams, but it's a start, right? Maybe someday I'll do my own stream. Just haven't figured it all out yet. Anyway, that's about all for now. BYE.

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