Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday business

I spent my birthday night playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Great way to celebrate a milestone, eh? Meanwhile, my immediate family is treating me to supper tonight. I just finished reading Stan Lee's bio 'Excelsior' today. Easy read and lots of fun. I would've like to see a longer and more detailed account of this guy's life, however. There had to be more to the man's life than this slim deal. Hopefully someone will make a more detailed account after Lee has passed on. Before I got into 'Excelsior', I read a stunning and sorrowful book called 'Silence'. Sometimes the missionary ends up going down a most futile path where conversion is concerned. The concept of apostasy is also addressed in this book. When is it really apostasy? Isn't this a matter to be addressed in the heart? It's really more than a formality, or at least it should be more than a formality. If you form a belief, you need to form it completely in the heart and mind. Turning your back on said belief has to happen in both heart and mind as well for it to be true apostasy.
I'd like to get into this in more detail, but I don't have time. BYE.

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