Friday, February 12, 2010

Hail Louis Riel!

Monday's Louis Riel Day and most folks get the day off. I'm in the school system, so I get the Monday off as well. But before that it's the coming of the Festival du Voyageur. I'm not going to gush about the Olympics (especially everybody and his dog is going to go on and on about it). Sad to say, the Olympics is not one of my priorities in this world. I'd much rather sit within my hovel and read. On the other hand, I'm going to the Festival tomorrow! I don't know if I have a ceinture hanging around, but that's okay. Ma tuque n'est pas rouge non plus. Bof. I plan to drink some too-hot chocolate 'milk' and burn my tongue nicely. Then I plan to look at the ice and snow sculptures. My sister's treating me to some sucre on a stick, which is killer sweet on the tastebuds.
We're also planning to stop in at a store that could soon become my favourite place to shop. La boutique du livres, to be precise. They've got a ton of French comics, books, music, etc.... Walking through there reminds me of my childhood and brings such a smile to my face. I'm hoping to buy a few comics from there before we move on. The weekend's fun doesn't stop there, as there's a plan afoot Sunday to hang out with Grandpa for lunch. Just have to let him know. Meanwhile, the parental units have gone south for their yearly two weeks in the sun and fun. Someday I'll get back to Mexico. Just need to save for a while yet.
I finished reading book 5 of King's monumental 'Dark Tower' series. Is there a plural of series? Is it the same as moose? Something to think about.

Now, time for a couple of pics from a simulated trip to France.

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