Monday, February 6, 2017

A Growing Issue

 In the beginning they were two. Paulus and Delaney had a deep, abiding love for each other. Every day, when he got home from work, she greeted him with a kiss and it usually continued onward from there.
 Naturally, when a couple is that active, things can happen. And they did... a fair bit.
 It started with two. Paulus went to work and Delaney stayed home to teach their children how to properly exercise their minds and bodies.
 First it was two, and then it was two more. Paulus was overjoyed at the way things were going with his growing family. Delaney was happy too but she had a life too and it was being taken up with changing diapers and waking up in the dead of night to care for these little ones.
 Paulus bragged to no end about how wonderful his family was but behind the scenes he refused to get involved. Then came that day when he invited his boss over for dinner. He had a great deal of respect for his boss. Delaney soon came to have a great deal of respect for the man as well.
One Sunday afternoon, while Paulus showed off the kids to his neighbours, Delaney paid a visit to the Boss. He took her on a tour of the house and took great delight in showing her his shower. She decided she wanted a closer look.
On her return she gleamed with health and cleanliness. Paulus was none the wiser.

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