Sunday, November 6, 2016

Seeking Peace (on 100 yuan a day)

Michelle was still feeling raw from the beating her heart took over Connor's betrayal so she hopped a plane to Takemizu. The hotel was opulent and her room a delight but still she hungered. Hungered for... something.
 At a roadside shop in a lovely garden of cherry blossoms Michelle experienced the finest pork udon soup. The broth was so fragrant and the noodles were so delightful that she felt herself transported to a land of insights and wonders.
 Waking up with a sudden start from her udon dream Michelle found herself before a weathered shrine of stone and wood. She knelt to pay her respects and make an offering and felt... well, it wasn't a peaceful shower of love and hope.
 During a lull between tours she was invited to partake in the sacred tea ceremony. The tea was warm and soothing and the wisdom shared around the table was something she would take home with her and savour for years to come.
On her return Michelle felt happier and more aware of the world around her. She also took a moment to have a chat with one of her neighbours. It turned out that one of her tea partners had seen her neighbour up in a tree over the shrine. With his pants down. Well, baby steps.

The End

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