Saturday, March 19, 2016

It Happened in the Summer

Old age did not do much to slow Bobby down. His bouts with madness continued to embarrass and frustrate his family and the community. Sometimes it was over something as harmless as the ice cream truck....
While other times it was open physical attacks on the mailbox and on the neighbour's car. The aliens, perhaps sensing a threat, stopped visiting the community. Or maybe they just also found Bobby's hair to be offensive.
A particularly scary moment came when the cops found him standing on a hill, not far from city hall, wearing his best Carmen Miranda hat and clapping slowly. He muttered something about burying a bomb under the stately old building. Luckily, the squad turned up no such device. That DVD of 'Sergeant Pepper's', though....
 One August evening Bobby caught his adopted son Sam scrolling through some very naughty pictures. In a moment of lucidity he came down hard on the lad. Instead of reacting badly Sam offered to take him for a ride. Two men left. Only one came back.
Sam claimed the aliens had come back for a final visit and that Bobby had gone with them. The cops grilled him for much of the night but admitted that stranger things had happened. They let him go and he went home to brush his teeth. There was just a weird taste in his mouth he needed to get rid of. Like blood or something.

The End.

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