Friday, June 26, 2015

An Aquatic Evil

 How did it all begin? Chris was never sure, but a promising friendship one day ended in bitter tears.
 From then on, he never felt safe going into the bathroom alone. Whenever he stepped over the threshold the vile Mr. Tub lay in wait. The struggles were terrible at times.
 In desperation, Chris approached his wife for help and advice. That's when she mentioned that 'Better Witchcraft Through Chemistry' ad they'd both seen on the TV.
 Revelling in his newfound powers, he practiced day and night to increase his skills

Feeling confident after six months of solid training, he ventured into the bathroom to do battle with his dreaded foe. It was a gruesome and bloody battle but Mr. Tub was vanquished.

What Chris hadn't reckoned on was that tubs travelled in packs.

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