Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Rakish Fellow

There was once a man named Andrew. He lived with his wife and daughter in a quiet part of the suburban sprawl. He was a worldly and well-connected professional who dreamed of someday joining his friends in the Far East.

To earn the money for the trip and for the necessities of life Andrew threw himself into study and work. The local hospital had gone through several staff shortages during that business with the Blaze Monsters and were in desperate need of help.

One lovely fall day Andrew went for a walk in the park and saw that nobody was raking the leaves. His kindly nature and desire for order demanded he lend a hand.

Raking the leaves kindled a strange and unearthly desire in him which he found distasteful. It seemed there were always leaves on the ground and as long as there were he found himself craving the touch of the rake in his hands and the crackle of burning leaf piles. At first, this desire was easy enough to drive away with chess and other logical puzzles.

He completed medical school and went out into the community to diagnose and treat anyone that came his way. This task took him to the graveyard, the library, and the park.

There they were. The unloved, the sad and pitiful leaves just lying on the ground. It had been sometime since he'd picked up a rake and the yearning had not plagued him in some time. He figured, "What would it hurt?" and that night, he went for a walk....

The End.

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