Saturday, January 31, 2015

Feeling my age

      I guess it's knowing that 35 is just over a month away that got me thinking the deeper thoughts. I rarely use this blog for anything besides pictures and videos but tonight I just felt like writing. 2 decades ago I was filled with dread about the future but at the same time yearning for some sort of independence that I probably wanted my parents to pay for. I have said many times that teachers and EAs have a special kind of patience. To be honest, I think only really good and really dedicated parents surpass teachers and EAs when it comes to patience. It boggles my mind when I look back upon my journal entries from my teen years and how bloody arrogant I was at times. My sister is 4 years my junior and we had some rough times - how did our parents put up with it all? I humbly bow to all teachers, EAs, and especially to my parents for their near-boundless patience. You find it within you every day to go to those places I cannot and you work so hard wondering if your efforts may be for naught at the end of the 13-18 years. Pranam.
      2005 continues to be a special year for me for two reasons. Firstly, our family had to say goodbye to one of the most wonderful and amazing people I have ever shared the path with. Jessie Beaudin was only 78 when pancreatic cancer came to town and drew her away. I will never forget all the times she brought my sister and I downtown to do a bit of shopping, all the wonderful meals and card games, and all the love she brought to us. It was a very hard year for my Dad and especially for my Grandpa, and I know Grandma will be on my Dad's mind a fair bit this year. Secondly, around the time Grandma passed away, I was looking into taking a course at RRC. Mom saw I was getting tired of working the front end and she asked me if I'd ever thought of being a library technician. I applied and the rest is history.
       So here I am at the tail-end of 34 and running through the deep questions. I've probably gone over such questions in my journals before and I probably have part-answers to them. Tonight I decided to draw up a quick list of 10 such questions. In no particular order...

  1. Would you rather be too tall (6'5 and up) or too short (5'0 and down)?
  2. Does your dream job match your current job?
  3. Do you remember your dreams in the morning?
  4. Assuming money and time were of no concern, would you rather have pets or kids?
  5. Do you re-read books? How often and why?
  6. Which is worse for you? High humidity or dry heat?
  7. Does the approach of death scare you?
  8. Do you (or did you once) keep a journal? Why did you give it up?
  9. Was there a birthday you were excited about or one that you dreaded?
  10. Do you yearn for the past or are you content with the present?
    I haven't included my answers to these questions - these are just for the handful of people who come here to read my meaningless scribbles. If you do want my take on these questions, feel free to ask in the comments dealie. May you all have a wonderful weekend and may you all remain in light.

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