Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is Society to Blame?

Such an overused question. I blame my study of B.F. Skinner, which I just finished reading, for the title of this post. Actually, I'm going to talk about blame (playing the blame game, taking the blame, etc...). I've been hearing the following cry from a couple of my more annoying regulars. "It's not me, it's X's fault!" I reply, "You are in control of your own fate, and X is not to blame if I have to kick you out." On the other hand, when two young'uns act upon each other's merry chaos, it only makes sense for both to suffer the consequences of their actions. I fear I've garnered a rep for being something of a pushover, and only now, at the close of the year, am I clamping down. I guess I'll know better for next year. But I digress. Passing the buck isn't going to help matters. But what about Society? Thousands of interactions happening per second every day around the world; it's easy for one speck in the universe to feel a little lost.
I told myself I was not going to bring karma into this discussion, but my Semi-Buddhist Eyes will not leave it alone. While we are in control of our own fates, there are so many connections and interactions per second, per day, and per life, that others eventually may have to share at least some blame. That's where compassion comes in. When things, be they good or ill, happen to you, you can at least take comfort in knowing that these same things have happened to everyone else. There are many ways one can look at blame and at Society, and each way ends in a great deal of complication and confusion. And now I find myself quickly getting confused in what I really wanted to say. That's the way things work for me sometimes.
In the meantime, I'm going to start reading Nietzsche and count the days until the end of June. BYE.

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