Sunday, October 31, 2010

15 years ago... #1

October 16, 1995 — evening

I’ve been thinking. Mainly, the many emotions I have within me. I adore many things. Music that touches my heart, for one. One of my favorite artists is Elton John. Born in England, this singer is wonderful. I read his bio a while back. There are a few singers in this world that have a certain sort of power. I adore this power. It is the power to captivate me, to ensorcel me in the power of the song. These singers are Elton John, Meat Loaf, Jann Arden, Carly Simon, Seal, Jennifer Warnes, Celine Dion, Julie Masse, Mae Moore, and finally, Annie Lennox. There are also different groups, and here they are, Crash Test Dummies, The Proclaimers, Bare Naked Ladies, Air Supply, Pet Shop Boys, and last but not least, Supertramp. These singers and groups all fill me with a power I’ve never felt before. Many may think my choices are weird. That I should like what others like. Personally, I think Green Day sucks like crazy! Classical music is cool too. That power is so strong when I listen to the stirring music of classics like Bach and many others. New Age, Instrumental, and Jazz, however, these fill me with the power! Whenever I head New Age, I feel at peace and I feel in touch with the higher powers. How very awesome! Enough with music. My first love has always been reading. Even when I was 2, my parents would take me to the mall, where I would read the many signs there.

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