Friday, December 18, 2009

Much misc.

Ahhhhh. Free at last! Let the Xmas vacation begin! Electronic Arts still hasn't gotten their act together with their patches for Sims 3 and Sims 3 World Adventures. A crying shame, considering how many Simaholics lurk in the shadows, gnashing their teeth and screaming their collective frustration to the uncaring skies. A few pretty words, eh? I don't mind uninstalling if I need to, but I'd rather just play the game and enjoy pushing my Sims around. In the meantime, the fortnight of rest and mass consumption is just around the corner. I need to get mas shopping done. I just felt too lazy to get any shopping done after work today. Saturday is going to be a real beast, so I'll sit it out as well. Monday, I promise!
Time for some meaningless muttering. I'm going to talk about Geoff. The name, not any particular dude with said name. When I was growing up, I knew two dudes named Jeff and as far as I knew, that was the only way one spelled the name. Then came the Geoff to end all Geoffs. Chaucer, the dude who wrote 'The Canterbury tales'. Like the Will to end all Wills (otherwise known as the Bard), Geoffrey Chaucer has long been cherished (or perhaps not, depending on who you are) and respected. But, outside Chaucer, I just assumed that the name had changed and that Jeffrey was the correct spelling. (Oh, and there's also Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, but again, we're going far afield). In the last couple of years, the tide is turning, I have found. It seems every time I turn around, I come across the older/British spelling. Like this guy's name, for instance.
Okay, the meaningless muttering is over. Meanwhile, I started reading a bio on Chaucer, which might explain the make my muttering a little clearer. This book came out in the 1930's and could be better, but I'm only 50 pages in. Better to give this elder a chance, right? Xmas Day in a week's time. Scary, eh? Okay, I guess I'm done. BYE.

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