Saturday, July 11, 2009

Miscommunication = Frustration

The hardware is not to blame. Microsoft Vista is wholly to blame for the mess. It's an easy charge to make and most people would not blame me for making it. I apologize for not having a whole lot to say this month, but not having a working computer really screws things up. I would love to know what possesses the computer programmers to mess up so royally! Why can't these people talk to each other once in a while and iron out the bugs? My computer's fallen pretty hard against one of these dreaded bugs and I'm getting really ticked off about it. A slave to frustration, I'm entertaining visions of travelling to Microsoft's head office with a rubber mallet and the will to use it! If I wasn't so cheap and couldn't find ways to calm down and find other ways to channel my frustration, I might go and board a plane. Geez!
Anyway, without my computer, I haven't played Sims 3 all that much, so I've been typing and writing. I've already mentioned this, so I won't go any farther with it. My computer came back from Staples the other day and (quelle surprise!) the buggers didn't find anything wrong. I get it hooked back up and the damn mess crashes on me! Staples didn't tell me they wiped the PC clean, however. I found that out when I started it up. I had been expecting this, and told them they could do it if absolutely necessary. Apparently this is how Staples 'fixed' whatever problems my computer had. It fixed nothing! Well, my computer is running all right this second, but Sims 3 isn't loaded and I'm not going anything heavy-duty with it. I suspect there would be some problems if I did install Sims 3.
Another problem is that my video card is horribly lacking. Nothing that a visit to a computer store won't fix. This PC is mainly for gaming (other things might happen down the line) so I need a really good video card. Something that can more than handle Sims 3 and games to come that need that added oomph. Above all, I'm irritated that Vista doesn't like to behave with my computer all of a sudden. I've had this PC for a little over a year, and only now are there problems. Something to do with Service Pack 2, I'm lead to understand. If there's anyone out there with some advice, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you. BYE.

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