Sunday, April 12, 2009

On the Literary Front #4

I've attended a few funerals in my life, but they've all been of family members, and my family's fairly close-knit and there are no animosities that I know of that would have the power to break the surface tension of solemnity and proper decorum. That's why a scene I'm working on today, which is a funeral scene starring an estranged family with lots of secrets and feuds, is not the easiest thing to see in my mind's eye, let alone portray. Sure, I've seen such scenes recreated in books and on the tube, but having some sort of physical and personal reference would make the scene all the more real. Not that I'm asking my family to start feuding for something as insigificant as my projects. I'll make do with what I have.
It's Easter Sunday and the story's going to get told again. Another reason why I don't go to church. Enough digression. I decided to write about my projects, and so I am. I have two (thankfully, only two!) projects going these days, and when I need a break from reading, I either pick up the clipboard or turn to my laptop. Technically, I've got three projects going. Two series, three projects, if you get my drift. I love working on my novel projects. It's something to keep my brain busy, and results in some really neat diary entries when I'm contemplating and brainstorming. I know I don't do enough of these posts, but Real Life keeps intruding and I need to share what Real Life's thrown at me.
Anyway, I'm working on one series centering around that estranged family I mentioned. They're based in Manitoba and are dealing with old secrets and other things. I'm currently typing out a second draft of the first book in the series and writing out the second book. I can't say if this series is going to stretch into a third book. It's my attempt at purely straight fiction. I've done Fantasy and even some Mystery. I figured it was time to try fiction, but it feels like some sort of soap opera at times. All the dramatic interplay between family members. Oh well. I'm going to keep plugging away at it until both books are done. Bear in mind; I'm doing this because I want to, and NOT because it might earn me a few bucks. If I could see my name on the bookstore shelf for even a day, I would be inexpressibly happy.
The other series has me going back into the Fantasy realm, and yet keeping somewhat within the boundaries of fiction. My way to explain my beliefs and figure more than a few things out. I'm not going to elaborate because I know someone out there is going to ding me for redundancy and for going over well-trod ground. If I am, so be it. If I'm going a whole new way, so be it. I guess that's about all for the time being. I was going to write about 'Phineas redux', but I found something else to write about. Just know that 'Phineas redux' is a really good book. Currently reading Robert Ludlum. BYE.

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