Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Proper mentality?

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a pretty cold fish. I was driving home the other day when a song came on and the guy was singing about how he would die if the she in his life were to leave him. Warning! This post might get a little edgy, but please keep reading even if it doesn't! Several impulses go through my head whenever I hear a song like this, and I worked through these mental impulses as I was driving home the other day. First off, the singer who says 'I'll die if you leave me/don't love me... etc...' is problematic. Either he/she is emotionally troubled or is completely insincere. Either way, the one who puts death into a sentence like that is better off left alone until they change their perspective.
Now, I know that these songs are figurative for the most part. Just the length a person is willing to go to prove how important someone is for them, and to be without this other person would be a very rough time. However, if someone were to tell me, be it in song or otherwise that they would die if I left them or did not love them, I would probably tell them off. First off, if they earnestly promise to go through with this and don't, I have the right to call them insincere and dangerously in need of help. A person like this I am better without anyway. I would hope that such a person means it only in jest, or else I foresee trouble ahead. On the other hand, going through with such a decision indicates something far worse than insincerity.
I wonder if I was looking at this concept with my semi-Buddhist eyes, for I've been applying karmic balances and debts to various thoughts/words/deeds lately. I refuse to accept blame for someone's suicide. If someone came to me and sang 'I'll die if you don't love me etc...' I would (hopefully) say. "Do not lay your death on my doorstep!" I am not responsible for someone else's death unless I either orchestrate said death or do it myself, and I do NOT accept responsibility for someone taking their own life. Their grim deed gathers karma for them, not for me or for anyone else, and I refuse to take any responsibility for it.
Romantics would probably say that since I am not in love with anyone, I am not able to look past such lines and understand the real meaning. If I were in love, they might say, I would say something like 'How touching! Why can't my he/she say something like that?' Agreed, I am not in love with anyone, so my mindset is possibly totally out of whack. However, I would rather have this mindset and wonder why the singer would go to such lengths to prove him/herself to someone else.
Hmmm. This looks like an interesting vein. Maybe I'll ponder it further and get back to you. BYE.

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