Sunday, November 30, 2008

Da future

At least as far as Summer 2009 is concerned. I passed my first evaluation nicely, and once March rolls around, I hope to pass the second evaluation just as well. Assuming I do, I'll have a steady job and can start branching out. This means moving away from the homestead and getting my own apartment for a year. From there I hope to move on to condo, but the apartment will be the major test of my mettle. It isn't the lack of cooking skills that worries my parents and I (assuming I follow the recipe, I don't do too badly with cooking). I've never been on my own before, so I don't know what this aloneness will do to me. My sister tried living apart and lasted about a month. This will be a trial (at least for a while). If I survive for a year in an apartment, I can move on to a condo and start getting some equity. I'm looking at this as pragmatically and unemotionally as possible right now.
I already have a car and fairly good credit, so that gives me the toehold I need. With a steady job, I can move into an apartment and then a condo. I'll have to pack my share of boxes once everything is said and done. I won't have to bring the family cat (he's eleven, and I don't think he'd handle such an earth-shaking change). Bascially, the only things I need are my diary, my computer and laptop, and enough clothes and utentsils to get by. My bed and a couple of sticks of furniture wouldn't hurt either. My bedroom here will look pretty empty after I've gone, although my sister, once sure I won't be back, will move in without another thought. I don't need monster amounts of space - just enough for myself and maybe a guest from time to time.
My parents are already okay with me dropping by the homestead from time to time for supper (call before I come). Yes, I'm thinking ahead; no, I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. I'm just looking at this in a positive light. I've wanted to get out of the house since I was in my teens (although I haven't really been all that vocal about it). Assuming all goes well, I might possibly be in a new space by Fall 2009. We shall see.
This entry was not about books or Buddhism, as you will notice. This time, I'm being a little more practical. I'll keep you in the loop on the house-hunt and other practical matters from time to time. Rest assured, I'll have tons to say about books another time. BYE.

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