Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thou C of E!

My literary explorations sometimes take me down what might be considered very boring pathways. Being RC (but only on paper), I like to see what other paths other faiths have taken to get There. A few years ago, I took up 'The Book of Common Prayer' and read it cover-to-cover. Well, I figured that it was time I looked into reading this book again - mainly because I cannot recall what my thoughts were about this book back in the day. So, I've been looking at this wonderfully illuminated work by Eubury Press that I found at the library. Like the Bible, 'Book of Common Prayer' does not change over time, and like the Bible, it's full of prayerful material.
I am not done reading it yet, but I figured the time had come to say something about it. I like this book, for it sort of gives a picture of the Christian church as it evolved. It is actually much more of an evolving book than the Bible is. After, the Church of England is 'lead' by the present ruler of England and the Commonwealth (as well as the Archbishop of Canterbury, I think). The copy I'm reading has to have been published after 1952, for is uses QE2 as the ruler it calls on God to bless (as well as QE2's Royal Family, although there is no Princess of Wales anymore, right?). I guess when Elizabeth II passes away (God Save the Commonwealth!), William's name will go in her place (assuming Charles passes away before his mother does).
I also like 'The Book of Common Prayer' because it is not really the same thing as a Bible. It's also a handbook for the minister, as well as a missal, for it lists the holy days (and saint-days) and what is to be said on those days. Definitely a more evolutionary material than the Bible, and it has all the necessary Biblical bits everyone knows and wants to see. I can't deny it gets a little repetitive, but it is a holy book, and the writers did want to drive home their points, so it's okay.
If anyone has anything they want to share with me about this very fascinating book, please let me know. Now, I will get back to reading and enjoying.

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